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He’s here!!

He arrived Wednesday evening late… and of course, he instantly got majorly ill… *sigh* :( :(
He’s on the sofa, has a fever and there is a bucket next to him… that’s how shit he feels.

This month has started off so amazing ;)


He is coming here tomorrow!!!!!!!! For a MONTH!!! Just.. aaah, finally!!!!

Sas knows best

I have made a parenting tumblr, because I noticed myself posting a lot more about the kids lately instead of LDR related stuff. I am going to continue here and post more LDR stuff and keep the kids separate from it ;) So you’re more than welcome to follow me there should you be interested.

Thank you,


The problem with reading the books and then watching the film… you get SOOOOOO annoyed by certain aspects they leave out or change. Stop fcking romanticizing films just because you think that sells better with the giggling girls. Aaaaaaaarrrggghhh!!!!


I’m sorry, I am aware this is not LDR related. But I am however, a parent. And things like this eat me up inside;

My stomach turns and boils when I see a Facebook status from a mother I know. “I told my daughter when she asked how humans were made, that they are made in a factory and that the how part is a business-secret”. 

The girl will be 8 in just a few months time, wears make up and short dresses, blazers to festivities and yet, she is not allowed to know how babies are made.

My head goes in overdrive when I read another post from the same mother. “I told my daughter the horse she likes got sent away to another club. It died, but I don’t want her to know that, I think she can’t handle it.”

The girl will be 8 in a few months, rides horses and owns several animals, lives with her elderly grandmother and yet, she is not allowed to know about death.

We lie enough to our children, why do we have to lie about HUGE deals like this? Why can’t we educate our children, so they are prepared for life, for what’s coming in life, instead of trying to shield them from things that are inevitably, going to happen.

How will this girl react when her grandmother dies? Or one of her pet dogs? “Grandma got sent away”? How will this child react when someone (in a worst case scenario) touches her, when she is never taught about sexual activities and when it’s right or wrong to have these?

I apologize, I have learned over the years to never judge someone on their parenting skills, to never judge someone on the way they choose to raise their children… But it worries me.

Can we please stop belittling our children and stop thinking they can’t handle things, when you should know better. Children can handle a lot. They are stronger than most adults, they spring back after a trauma like no other. (of course there are always exceptions to the rule!) They KNOW things. They learn faster than adults. They are more forgiving, more resilient, more ALIVE.

My 6 year old son knows why mummy takes the birth control pill, what happens when I don’t, that NOBODY is allowed to touch him down there. Not even mum or dad. HE is in control of his body, HE is allowed to feel, to tell me how he feels, to experience things.
I won’t go around telling him, but if he asks me anything… I will never lie about stuff like this.

We lie enough to them already.

ldrliving asked: Ahhhh I'm so excited for you to see each other! How long will you be together ❤️

For an entire MONTH!!! I am so excited!! Can’t wait, how long will you be together??